Your Heart is Mine, for I have made it My dwelling place, Your Peace is in knowing at all times that I abide within the secret places of your soul, When you are plunged "beyond your depth" know that whatever you are experiencing, that My Love is a deep pool in your heart, See your pain and your fear as dropping into that pool, and being engulfed by my all sufficient grace. Having learned this secret, nothing can intimidate you from without, nor distress you from within. For it is the hidden life in the spirit of a man that determines his destiny. There are capricious winds that blow upon the face of the earth, Quietness of your soul in the inner man is vital to spiritual health, because unrest muffles the still small voice of My Spirit. Lay aside the cloak of spiritual superiority, and walk in the robe of true humility, as Pope Francis is teaching us by his Godly Example.  This quote is from another  Francis J. Roberts Devotional.               To truly understand the journey of my life and walk as an Artist, I want to share from many years  of journaling.                                                                                                                          An Interactive Autobiography is what I desire to write, as though we were sitting together by the fireplace, listening, relating  and learning from the Psychology of each Life. Transformation of the Inner Man! The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey called "Life " we all experience. In human conversations almost everyone has experienced those rare moments when communion of spirit enabled us to so read each others hearts, we seemed to comprehend before words were spoken. Other times words seemed to bounce off invisible walls. We can understand and be refreshed in one another's company solely because our spirit's reach beyond our bodies to meet and nourish one another.  To just write my Autobiography in a selfish way, without feeling that I have in some how reached out to you and helped, guided or brought hope in someway, would be so against my nature. Artist's have a unfounded appearance of being just "Self Absorbed" In Essence  this is not the case at all! The best way to describe the life and calling especially  as an Artist is to reflect upon the longevity of Great Art which has touched you or maybe even has affected your life profoundly! Artists that have been gone for centuries. If it wasn't for their devotion to their craft in such a focused manner, the effect would never have been felt, by those of us affected in such a profound way. It Truly is a life of pouring out of oneself to the generations that follow! Like of an Evangelist. or Teacher. Although it is discerned through Osmosis. Hopefully through the Holy Spirit.     May my life's Journey and Lessons along the way be a vehicle to Melt the Stony Places in your Heart! Feel the Love I have come to know throughout a Lifetime, The Purifying Fire of Love that Melts the Heart of Stone!  We all remember the Story of Hansel and Gretel from  our childhood, never seeing beyond the fairytale to realize the subtlety of its message.   



Reminiscent of Days Gone By, Yet with a Timeless Quality ... 


This Phrase best describes Corinne Layton's Artwork, Paintings, Sculpture, D├ęcor, and Spiritual Philosophy of Life devoted to the Lord, Bestower of this Precious Gift. of Art.  A Lifetime Experiencing it Develop, from One who Never had the opportunity to Attend Art Schools, or College, As this Autobiography unfolds, I hope that it will be an encouragement to others, to never give up on your Dreams! No matter what happens along Life's Path! Let this following Quote speak to your Heart!                                                                                                                      Quietness of Soul 




      Eloquence of Silence 


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On the pages that follow: you will see from my earliest memories from 3 years old, wandering the Grandparents farm in Wisconsin where I was raised, everyone was too busy for me, it was in the 50's before television, and we had just a few toys, so I would spend my days roaming the acreage alone, until I was 5. My formative years were all about imagination, and visual perception, I wasn't read to nor taught. Which today, I am thankful for, it has enabled me to live the majority of my life completely alone. But during that time, I came to know the Lord in a very real way, that has stayed with me throughout 60 some years now, I developed a strong visual memory, and creative drive that seems to know no boundaries.  As you follow along as I document a really incredible journey. Many of those my age will be able to relate to a Time in America, much different then Today. For Years it has been my desire to share my story, of a Time we are seeing slipping away before our own eyes. As one of the Last of the Collectible Artists, having seen Thomas Kincaid, Pino, Mailey, and so many others leave us, may our legacy live on in our Children, Grandchildren, and Artwork, for Thanksgiving of those that have collected it through the years and treasure Paintings, Canvas Prints, Limited Edition Lithographs, Plates, Sculpted Dolls, Resin Cottages, and Plush, I have designed and created. I Thank you and dedicate this Autobiography to you, and all those along the way who have been there for me when times were good and when they were hard, True Friends, and Family! To my son Justin and his wife Sarah, I Love You both, may your Love continue to be Strong and Enduring for a Lifetime!


Let me refresh your memory of the story; Hansel and Gretel playing happily together in the field, when along came the snow queen, casting a dart of ice into Hansel's heart, freezing him, taking him away. Gretel searches for him everywhere, when she finally finds him, he is not happy to see her, reviling her , until her constant abiding love eventually melts the ice thorn, and Hansel comes to himself once more. Our human nature cannot do this alone, it creates a vicious cycle of abuse to the one attempting to melt the ice thorn,  What I have found throughout my life is that the most loving individual on the outside to all around, Have hearts of stone, when it comes to their intimate companions and friends, an inability to receive love. May my Autobiography be a vehicle to soften the heart of all my readers, Break up the fallow ground, and restore the years that the locust has eaten and the moth has corrupted, I have experienced this miracle myself, to come into my golden years, feeling refreshed, renewed and completely restored.  May my experiences shorten your learning curve in Wisdom!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Let me Warn you in Advance. if you haven't already noticed, I am into changing Fonts and the Drama of Caps, and run on sentances! to my English Teacher friends, who may look in, let me apologize in advance," But My Stories are Free" as Meryl Streep would say; in  the Movie   Out of Africa,  where she portrayed Isak Dinesen, the Danish Writer of the Early 1900's. :) 



   An Autobiography of a Contemplative Artist Corinne Layton





Sincerely,  Corinne Layton



Corinne Layton


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              Listen to the Silence                    


      Point of Reference

Understanding is the flowering of love, for love opens the eyes of the soul to the realities of the universe. Greatness is hidden from the miserly, and his horizons are shrunken by his selfishness.  To love is to learn to be generous, and generosity opens the windows of heaven, granting the giver the privilege of looking beyond his human littleness and glimpsing a bit of eternal glory in the light of which all the treasures of earth are as a grain of sand.



This has been forged in the crucible of everyday life, and has found complete fulfillment just in the past 10 years, In times of Refreshing, especially, sitting before the Blessed Sacrament in Silence! Learning that the dazzle and glitter of public life is attractive to the eye of the outward man, but as one closets themselves away in the secret places of humility and discipline of soul, do they perfect, and enrich the inner life. The first step has been to face times of lonliness straight on, not escaping through drinking, drugs or any other form of addictive behavior, numbing the senses. You then are able to reach a place of Solitude, where you remember everything in extreme detail, and feel all the passion, focus, and drive The Lord Intended us to have for a life time. Its a choice, not always an easy one, being drawn in by social pressure. But if you are strong in your resolve, the rewards are daily peace, and a mind that is clear and crisp in your 60's as in your 20's, Never feeling alone, loved deeply at all times, even though it may have been years without a touch or affection, constant creativity, which fills days, and then the reward of being able to enjoy objectively the fruit of the creative process. When you delight yourself in The Lord's Presence, not to be seen of man, but in secret!  Then He brings to fruition all we desire to see in our character and personality. Silently without conscious effort, thou shall be changed.  In contrast, here is wisdom, an inordinant association with others, one takes to himself the mannerisms and ideologies of these individuals. Strength of your own character becomes diminished. For Balance, shall it be likewise, to those who spend much time in the company of the Lord. In his Word, in Liturgy, Eucharist, Obedience and Prayer, will you come to be more like him. Out of this communion will come the amazing creativity of the Creator, Which is boundless in grace and sufficient for every situation! As the worship lyrics sing, Times of Refreshing, here in Your Presence, no greater blessing, than being with You, my soul is restored, my mind is renewed, there's no greater blessing than being with You!  Find Solitude, only then can you begin to sift away the chaff and come at last to the golden grains of Truth.  Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of the waterspouts (Psa. 42:7)   and then my favorite Scripture  They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint! Teach me Lord to Wait!