As I begin from the beginning, you will learn of a Lifetime of Adventure, from a little girl from the farm in Wisconsin, who helped build the Trans Alaskan Pipeline, built a Gift Shop from a Log Cabin, that was transported down the highway from Anchorage to Alyeska. in Alaska., My Dramatic Conversion, at the Ski Resort in Alaska. Where I met and Married a Northwest Airlines Captain on a trip with his Children, drove the Alcan Highway to Minnesota, where we Raised our Family, for 15 great years Together. Traveled the World.  Where I became a Collectible Artist with The Bradford Exchange for 16 years, Designing 16 Plate Designs, 7 Doll Designs and 10 Victorian Resin House Designs, Incredible Years as an Artist, Also where I moved on back to Arizona and worked for several years as a wrangler in Sedona on my horse Salute, taking out what we called "City Slickers" on all Day Tours on World Class Trails. Still Painting Portraits and Never giving up on my Dreams as an Artist, Though Homeless for 10 Years living in my Vehicle between Arizona and California doing Flea Markets and Antique/Art Shows, just to Survive! To Today, Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilled, at 64, Unbelievable Stories along the way, That I actually  Lived through! To Tell you my Story!  Of a Life Well Lived with many more Productive, Creative Years to Look Forward To. if God allows it to be!


Corinne Layton

      Eloquence of Silence 



   An Autobiography of a Contemplative Artist Corinne Layton



Corinne Layton



In Writing this Autobiography, I wanted to be sure up front that my Parent's Memory would be held in the Highest Regard, So in clarifying the reasons for spending so much time alone as a child, is not to discredit their Parenting, they did the best they could in every situation. But to fully understand the creative process in my life, I must begin at the beginning!  In the way things were, on a Dairy Farm, with all of the work that involved, then adding the Gas Station to the equation. There just wasn't time for this middle child. This has never come with regrets from me.  I truly see all that has happened in my life as a direct result of those formative years alone, just Wandering and Imagining Life, as I perceived it to be. The strength of character that comes from, at a very early age, having to make decisions beyond my years. There was no limit you see, on how I imagined life to be.  


My Dad and older brother Jerry spent days when he was not in school in the Gas Station helping my Grandparents run things. My younger brother Keith had Rheumatic Fever, so my Mother spent her days carrying him everywhere, he grew up to be very strong. In the following pictures of the Gas Station, and my Dad's Motto! I include in this to Preface, This truly was how we also were raised. "Fix it yourself, Then call Russ" There is great Humor and Irony being raised to have incredible common sense, because of it.  Being so visual, I must ad old Photo's to this Autobiography, although many are in great contrast to the border I have created!  I think it shows the dichotomy of Imaginary and Reality in the Life of this Artist, although those early lessons, have helped me along the way of having a full grasp of both in equal measure. lest you see me as delusional!  I am quite balanced!  A bit Eccentric  perhaps, but in a good way!